Why America's Veterans Should Be Honored

Why America's Veterans Should Be Honored

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America’s veterans should be honored because they have suffered through so many hardships that others could not and have not survived, and they did it for their country that they loved and still love today.
I believe that veterans are our nation’s bravest citizens. I also harbor a special adoration for them because my brother is in the Army and he has already served one tour in Iraq, and is currently on his second at the age of nineteen. My family is either very lucky or very blessed because my brother has yet to be injured in active duty. One day, I hope to join the Air Force and, in turn, become a veteran, as well. Veterans can remind us just how horrible war is, and, hopefully, prevent more wars in the future. Veterans have sacrificed so much so that we may have our rights, our leisures, our hopes, our dreams, and, most of all, our freedom. Everyone should honor the veterans of our nation at all times, not just on holidays like Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day during which we are constantly reminded of our forefathers whom gave their lives and so much more for our country. Many of us take things like going for a walk in the park, hanging out with friends, or going to the church of our choice for granted. I think we all need to take a step back and really look at the situations other countries are in right now and the dealings that they are going through. Then maybe we can look at our own country and really see what we have that others don’t, and consider all the lives, limbs, labors, and loves lost for every single aspect of freedom that we have. Our own men, women, and, at times, children have been sacrificed to feed the mouth of the beast that is poverty, oppression, depression, hunger, violence, and greed.

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Though we care much about those who died in our wars, I believe it is even more important to pay our respect those who were cunning enough to made it home from such a traumatic and grueling experience.
It would be a great honor to have shown you just how important it is that we honor our American veterans. In fact, I believe that it’s our patriotic duty as American citizens to uphold decades’ worth of tradition in honoring our veterans.
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