Football Fans are Morons

Football Fans are Morons

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Why the hell do so many people's lives revolve around some stupid
football games played on a Sunday afternoon. I mean, do people actually enjoy
watching a bunch of overgrown morons bang into each other for 3 hours? There
are sometimes when I am amused by what happens in the game, but I can catch the
highlights in five minutes on the news instead of wasting my hole freaking day.
These morons (players) are getting paid millions of dollars to run around on a
football field all day long. That's just the beginning of the money they make.
They get paid millions to be in a commercial or say that they wear a particular
brand of sneakers or something stupid like that. These guys have every modern
convenience. They have heaters built into the benches for when it gets cold
outside. For Christ sake, when it is hot outside they have fans that blow cold
water on them, sort of like an air conditioner. Some of these guys even have
the nerve to give up on a play or two. They can even admit to their fans
thatthey didn't want to get hurt or something really stupid like that and expect
them to still cheer for them. The worst part about actually going to watch a
game at the stadium rather than on TV is the prices. To buy a ticket for a
seat in the stadium really is not that bad, but after that they charge an arm
and a leg for whatever you buy. They do not let people bring their own food
into the game so when the spectators get hungry the sunuvabitch's charge
outrageous amounts on the same food that they sell in a supermarket for a
quarter the price. People almost have top be as rich as the players to bring a
whole family to the game and be able to feed them without going broke in the
process. Anyway, the thing that pisses me off the most is these innocent kids.
It is not really the kids that piss me off but the fact that they look at these
moron in uniforms and think of them as role models.

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Jesus Christ many of them
are current or former drug user's, steroid abusers, or even spousal abusers.
Why do are youth look up to them? Hopefully they will realize most of them are
no role models. The people who should be their role models are the people which
are in their lives on a daily basis, not these phony athletes. Parents,
grandparents, aunts, uncles, teachers are just some of the real models our youth
should look up to. However, no matter what I think, the idiocies will continue
to occur every Sunday.
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