Personal Narrative - The Day the Police Came for Me

Personal Narrative - The Day the Police Came for Me

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The Day the Police Came for Me

The door opened and in walked the hated vice-principal of my high school, who walked straight up to my 3rd hour English teacher and whispered something into his ear. They both turned and looked in my direction. I stared back blankly, wondering why they were looking at me. Through an undoubtedly bad experience in high school, I learned a very valuable lesson about life, people, and events.

Mr. Burton, also the "dean of discipline", asked me to take my things and come with him. I obeyed as my mind scanned itself over and over to think of what I had done. I had always been a good kid in school, had always received at least honor roll or principal’s list every quarter since elementary school, and never got in trouble. Yet, here I was riding with the vice-principal in his golf cart through the rows of cars in the student parking lot, until he stopped behind mine. We got out and then he asked me to open my trunk, and then asked a very confusing and ridiculous question at the time, "Do you have a gun or any other weapon in your vehicle?" I almost laughed at him, and then stopped, realizing I did have a pellet gun I accidentally left in my car. How he knew or why he cared I didn’t know, so I said "Yeah I have a b.b. gun under the front passenger seat," as I reached under and grabbed it for him.

We then proceeded to his office, where a police officer was waiting for me. They then informed me then of what the incident was about. The day before, like I always do, I usually take home about three or four friends in my car. That day, there happened to be about five or six people who wanted a ride. However, me being a nice guy and kind of gullible, and them being my friends, I couldn’t say no. So we crammed about three or four people in the backseat, one in the passenger seat, and one in the trunk. It was not a very wise decision to let my crazy friend Chris ride in the trunk with it open. I had left my b.b. gun in there by accident one day when I was bringing it to a friend’s house.

Chris found it as we were driving down the road, so he opened the trunk up and pointed the gun at cars driving behind us.

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I was unaware of what he was doing, besides yelling and being stupid, but that was normal behavior for him. Apparently, one of the cars he pointed at had two older women in it, and one had nightmares about the incident, because they thought the gun was real. So the next day they went down to Greenway High School to see if they could find the car. They figured it was from there because we were right down the road when the incident happened. It’s also very easy to spot my car because it has band stickers all over it, spiked license plates, and other recognizable features. As soon as they found my car on campus they filed a police report, and that’s when I was taken out of class.

The police took my "gun" as evidence and left shortly after, since the women didn’t press charges against me. However, the school wasn’t going to let me go without a punishment. I waited in Mr. Burton’s office as he decided what to do with me. It was towards the end of my junior year and I had already missed a lot of classes, almost enough to drop me. He said he could have suspended me or even expelled me, which I thought was ridiculous because I didn’t really do anything; it was my friend who did it. But, he came up with an idea so that I could stay in my classes and finish the year. I was to be suspended every Thursday for the rest of the year, and I would have to petition for credit.

I thought the punishment was unnecessary and the whole thing seemed like a joke to me, I would always laugh about it when telling my friends and others what had happened. I didn’t take the blame for what happened, I just accused my friend. Surprisingly, it turned out that one of the women that filed the report was my girlfriend’s mom’s friend, and she had even told her on the phone what happened before she filed the report, but her mom wasn’t paying attention enough to realize she was talking about me. I was upset with her, because if she paid attention she could have stopped this whole thing. I blamed what happened on others, that it was their fault I was in this mess, that I almost got expelled from school, which would have had negative lifetime effects on me.

Yet, in the end, I realized my mistakes. Others were not to blame for this, only me. I made the decision to let too many people ride in my car, especially in my trunk which endangered his life, and I had left the gun replica in my car by mistake. I easily gave in to peer pressure and allowed a kid, who I knew was a little crazy sometimes, to ride in my trunk. The almost dire consequences forced me to open my eyes and change myself for the better. I won’t be peer pressured into doing something I don’t think I should do, and I’ll definitely think twice about the friends I hang around. I learned that even a very bad circumstance could have a negative outcome, but positive results for the future.
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