Should Marijuana Be Legalized in Australia? Essay example

Should Marijuana Be Legalized in Australia? Essay example

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An issue that has been brought up in recent times throughout Australia is if marijuana should be legalised for the medicinal benefit of many sick Australians around the country. Medicinal Marijuana has been used in ancient China ever since 2700 B.C and the use has continued for the same purpose as many thousand years have passed. Marijuana could be accessed by anyone in Australia and be used in any area at any given time; it wasn't until 1914 that drug use was defined as a crime, under the Harrison Act. Now, in the 21st century, Marijuana is illegal to be taken in the Australian public although some states allow for small amounts of marijuana to be grown or owned on private properties. All other Australian states hand out fines for any amount of marijuana found in possession. There are many positive consequences that can be concluded if marijuana was to be legalised for medicinal purposes; not only can the use of marijuana cure sickness and other health issues but also legalising marijuana could boost the economy.
When marijuana is taken it can have amazing effects on the user, if someone with chronic neck or back pains, severe vomiting and nausea or someone with Neurological conditions uses marijuana it can remarkably relieve them from the pain. Marijuana has potent analgesic properties which can be used to treat a variety of different pains. Medical marijuana as a chronic pain reliever can reduce patients' pain and improve the quality of their life, without the same serious side effects associated with use of some pharmaceutical pain relievers. Marijuana can also be taken as an Anti-emetic which is a drug used to prevent one from vomiting, if a person potentially believes that he or she is going to vomit then smoking marijuan...

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...because if medicinal marijuana was to be legalised it would not change from how Australia runs with marijuana today. Many people in Australia have possession of marijuana illegally and if it were to be legalised or not people would still have marijuana in their possession so public safety would be the same whether medicinal marijuana were legal or not.
In conclusion, marijuana should be legalised for medicinal purposes to benefit all sick and unhealthy Australians. Australians with sicknesses can benefit by using marijuana which eventually could cure their sicknesses, the government and all tax payers can also benefit by saving money in many different departments. If marijuana were to be introduced as a medicinal benefit then many sick Australians would have an opportunity to cure their illnesses which could result in Australia being a lot as a healthier country.

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