Argumentative Speech on Baseball Contraction Essay

Argumentative Speech on Baseball Contraction Essay

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Baseball Contraction will only hurt the Game

I. Introduction
A.     Baseball is the American pastime and has been played for over 125 years.
B.     It is an organization that has teams in both the United States and Canada and it also boasts players from countries all over the world.
C.     It is also a league that has been criticized for giving its players absurd contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars.
Internal Preview--Major League Baseball is a multi-billion dollar organization with aristocrat billionaire owners and the most powerful union organization ever in the Major League Baseball Players Association.

II. Problem
A.     Major League Baseball owners have voted to contract the league and disband 2 of the 30 teams in the league before next season.
B.     The owners claim that it would not be profitable to keep playing baseball in Montreal and Minnesota.
C.     25 baseball players from each team will lose their jobs, but other teams in the league will pick them up.
D.     The people this really hurts are the people behind the scenes: the administrative employees, the hot dog vendor, the ticket window lady, the beer man, the hundreds of baseball players in these teams minor league programs.
Internal Summary--Hundreds of people who have been loyal workers to these teams for years will soon be unemployed.

III. Cause
A.     Over the past few years inflation of player contracts has made it hard for the smaller market teams to play competitively w...

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