Essay about Marijuana Uses and Medical Marijuana

Essay about Marijuana Uses and Medical Marijuana

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More than 20,000 studies on marijuana and its components have been published, according to the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws; of these around 100 have looked into therapeutic value on humans. The plant was used in China for therapy over 4,700 years ago. There are many benefits of medical marijuana, but also a few hazards of it. Medical marijuana refers to the use of marijuana as a physician prescribed therapy to reduce the pain and discomfort with whatever medical conditions or to help cope with the side effects of traditional medical treatments.
Medical marijuana; also referred as cannabis contains almost 500 compounds that are used for medicine and science. The main 5 components that are used the most are; Tetrahydrocannabinol, Cannabidiol, Cannabinol, Caryophyllene, and Cannabigerol. There are hundreds of different strains of marijuana. All of them are categorized as “Sativa” or “Indica.” Sativas are usually day-time strains, used to enhance the experience of social events. Caregivers; the people that grow the marijuana and handle it all recommend sativa for patients seeking relief from depression or anxiety. Some patients even say that they had positive effects on ADHD while medicating with sativa strains. Indicas are often smoked at night due to their narcotic effect on the person. Indica is used for users suffering from any type of pain, nausea, or anxiety. That variety is popular for meditation or yoga due to its mind-calming qualities.
During a 2004 congressional testimony, a doctor said on behalf of the FDA said marijuana as a “botanical product” is difficult to test for efficacy and safety because the proportions of active chemicals can range greatly from plant to plant. Marijuana was classi...

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...stimated that marijuana users have a 4.8-fold increase in the risk of heart attack in the first hour after smoking the drug. Marijuana is addictive. Estimates from research say that about 9 percent of users become addicted to marijuana. Long-term marijuana users go through withdrawals when trying to quit. Although no medications are currently available, recent discoveries about the workings of the endocannabinoid system offer promise for the development of medications to ease withdrawal, block the intoxicating effects of marijuana, and prevent relapse.
Marijuana is the most common illicit drug used in the United States. After a period of decline in the last few years, its use has been increasing on young people since 2007, corresponding to a decreasing perception of the drug’s risks that may be associated with increased public debate over the drug’s legal status.

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