Essay on The Issue Of Gay Marriage

Essay on The Issue Of Gay Marriage

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The issue of gay marriage has been addressed with various approaches, arguments, and opinions. In the broad perspective of these arguments, there are only two opposing arguments which consists of: advocates and opposers of gay marriage. The particular arguments that accompany the two opposing sides include: the effects it has on society and children, government benefits, the specific law of marriage, and the production of children. These particular arguments are controversial topics that require an in-depth discussion.
The Effect on Society
For those against same-sex marriage, the effect that homosexual marriage has on society is a major concern. For example, Robert W. Patterson states that heterosexual marriages are more beneficial to the community based on the thought that their offspring will be the future generation and potentially create more structured families and better the continuity of life, family, and communities (Friedman & Colson 29). However, supporters of gay marriage respond through providing information on the various ways gay marriages strengthen society. They often compare this issue to the argument of a woman’s right to vote. The debate of the decision to allow women to vote is increasingly similar to the recent issue of homosexual marriages. In reality, most homosexual marriages do not affect or impact heterosexual marriages or their children. Ultimately, through this common analogy, the perspective of advocates of gay marriage can be seen as one that barely has any affect on the surrounding society. (Stein 35)
The Effect on Children
Another argument that many homosexual marriages face is the effect that their marriages have on their children. Those who are against same-sex marriages believe that homosex...

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...cially prevalent from conservative Christians who are major contributors in the fight against gay marriage. According to these conservative Christians, those who are involved in homosexual sexual activities have sinned and gone against biblical teachings on how to live a moral life (Hillstrom). In addition, many religious conservatives main reason for their stance against same-sex marriages is that it cannot "naturally produce children” (Lipp). This is because these conservatives do not specifically believe in science to produce children. This is a main factor for these conservatives because many of their beliefs are that the main purpose of marriage is to procreate and not through artificial reproduction. On the other hand, advocates of homosexual marriages believe that marriage is not characterized by reproduction but by mutual love in a partnership (Hillstrom).

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