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Throughout the whole presentation, the guest speaker, Kirby Lammers, emphasized and connected with self-awareness, leadership, and stress and how each apply in everyday life-style. Lammers retold his story of how he utilized his own leadership to not only put himself first but to also by being positive and a believer in any situation. Leadership is one of the most important characteristic anyone can have, whether it is for a group, a department or just yourself. Lammers’ own definition of leadership is “serving people that deem inspirational, trusting, respectful, caring that people want to follow.” There are so many leaders in the world that influence people in a good and bad way. By being more self-aware of ones’ actions and abilities can overcome the stress and increase their leadership in a positive way.
Understanding stress is one of the key points to know the value of self-awareness. In chapter 10, stress is not always negative. There are two type of stress: challenge stress (fires you up) and threat stress (burn you out). Only up to a certain point where stress can make you all fired up to be more efficient and increase your focus, alertness, etc. Lammers stated stress is caused by your relationship or job performance or even health issues. If people understood what caused them stress, they can figure out what can mediate it. As a college student, I tend to be extremely stressed out because of all the things that I have to do and study. Finals and one of my exams is coming up soon and I am worried about how I will do on them because they are really important to me. However, I understood why I was stressed out (too many homework, exams and projects) and I used to that to try challenge those stresses by setting up a two to t...

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...y. He was assigned as the leader due to he would always talk first, connect with the members (most of the time already knowing them) and would ask them about their ideas. He was always patient when hearing about ideas from the members and would state his opinions of how he feel it should be, etc.
Whether it is stress, self-awareness or leadership, it all comes down to character. Reflecting on your actions and being able to challenge stress that is one step closer to becoming a good leader. Leadership does not come easy and it’s difficult to practice leadership when leaders are used to a certain habit or way. However, as Kirby Lammars wanted to point out, it all depend on one self to want people to have respect and trust from their employees. By being more aware of their actions and feelings, leaders are able to become great leaders and have the respect they deserve.

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