Essay about The Effects Of Medical Marijuana On Cancer Patients

Essay about The Effects Of Medical Marijuana On Cancer Patients

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Dementia patients saw benefits from medicinal marijuana that helped alleviate them from anxiety, depression, and hallucinations ("The Effects of Medical Marijuana on Alzheimer 's Treatment."). Once again, these benefits from marijuana show how diverse and effective it is when used for treating neurodegenerative diseases. Medical cannabis has been shown to help those who suffer from cancer. One of the largest benefits that cancer patients gain with marijuana is that it helps stop and prevent the spread of tumor growth. “According to the NIH, another cannabinoid, cannabidiol, has been shown to relieve pain as well as lower inflammation. Cannabinoids such as these have been shown to block cell growth, prevent the growth of blood vessels that aid metastasis (the spread of tumors), and kill tumor cells” (Rivas). The use of cannabis on cancer patients is alarming at how effective it is. Patients receiving or not receiving this form of treatment could undoubtedly decide whether they win or lose their battle with this awful disease. Another benefit cancer patients can gain from marijuana is when they are going through chemotherapy. The use of medicinal marijuana at this time can help with appetite, pain, nausea, and vomiting (Rivas). Helping diminish these symptoms from the chemotherapy can help patients remain stronger as the treatment goes on. This in turn, helps their bodies fight off the cancer than opposed to if they were not exposed to medicinal marijuana. Medical marijuana is proven to help the human body fight and overcome diseases ranging from stress related illness or even a disease as severe as cancer and alzheimer 's.
Medicinal benefits is not the only positive that states gain from medical marijuana; they also g...

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...rative diseases, and even cancer. Financially medicinal marijuana helps create more revenue, create new jobs, and boost the economy. Legally cannabis stops petty spending on minor marijuana crimes saving the DEA large quantities of money. Marijuana might have a few negative side effects such as lung issues for chronic users and financial side effects if a monopoly were to be formed in the medical marijuana industry. Right now medical marijuana is only being legalized on the state level which can be a lengthy and complex process. Understanding this drawn out process helps people better understand why more states have not already legalized this miracle drug. Marijuana is a drug that is slowly working its way into the medical field in America and becoming more and more common in treatments used for illnesses because of the financial and medical benefits it yields.

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