Essay on The Death Penalty Is Immoral Or Unfair?

Essay on The Death Penalty Is Immoral Or Unfair?

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Capital punishment, also known as the “death penalty,” may be defined as a legally authorized way of killing someone. Authorizing the existence of capital punishment and the conditions for convicting a person may be found within a section of the Constitution known as the eighth amendment (“Bill of Rights”). Even though the constitution has an allowance for capital punishment, it is not necessarily the appropriate solution to solve an issue between the prosecuted, victim and his or her family. The execution of a criminal through the methods dating back over 400 years ago would be considered cruel and unusual punishment because the criminal would often feel extreme pain. Many find that the death penalty is immoral and unfair to both parties because killing someone who has committed murder is wrongful and perhaps shameful as well. This would be seen as “an eye for an eye,” and as the saying goes, it will leave the whole world blind. The death penalty has given incalculable samples by permitting prisons to share in this type of executing which does not hinder others from carrying out comparative wrongdoings.
The history behind capital punishment does not begin with the initially recorded execution, however as indicated by Charles Lane, author of Stay of Execution: Saving the Death Penalty from Itself, capital punishment in the United States extends back

approximately 400 years when the British colonists stepped ashore in Virginia (X). Between the years of 1608 and 2008, more than 15,500 people were executed under civil and military authority (Lane X). According to figure 1, the highest peak of executions occurred in 1999 with 98 executions (Voorhees). Back in the 1600’s time period, capital crime included killing other people a...

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...h the workings of criminologists, Richard Berk and Jeffrey Fagon. The evidence shows that states who enact the death penalty experience more homicides than those states that do not.
Along with most things in life, the cost will always outweigh the benefits. The cost of the death penalty is over six times more than life imprisonment without the guilt of killing someone. In cases where the criminal is either innocent or mentally ill, one must inquire if it is morally right to execute them! In most cases, people will oppose the penalty for those who fall within these two categories. However, the death penalty does not necessarily reduce the risk of more people committing capital crime. Capital punishment should be abolished in all states because there is no reason to use the death penalty on individuals who have killed people to teach them that killing people is wrong.

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